Lorrie A. MacGilvray – Fuerteventura & Michigan-USA. For more than two decades, Global Innovation Award Winning Mentor, Consultant, and Author, Lorrie A MacGilvray has shown results again and again, helping multi-million and billion dollar global corporations.
She specializes in personal, professional & business development and training, with particular skill in forming and motivating “dynamic” teams, change and helping individuals in companies make fully “quantified” decisions to remain highly competitive in their industry.
Lorrie studied directly with Bob Proctor (movie “The Secret”) & Sandy Gallagher creator of “Thinking Into Results” program.

Tjasa Maticic – Fuerteventura. Has been practicing and studying the teachings of yoga for over two decades. She has trained in dynamic Vinyasa, Hatha, and more recently Yin yoga. ( Suryasakti yoga , RYT – 200 and Yin yoga RYT – 100) For her, yoga is a way of connecting to the divine, finding stillness, staying in the present, feeling grounded, and balanced. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Comparative Literature and a certificate in plant-based nutrition through e-Cornell and believes that yoga combined with plant based lifestyle leads to vibrant health, wellness, and compassion on the planet. She is also a nature and lifestyle photographer, specializing in yoga photography.

James La Trobe-BatemanFuerteventura.  From Island of Sark-British Isles, now lives full time on island of Fuerteventura. Thirty-five years ago,  James started predicting the effects of one change on all parts of an organization while working in the oil & petrochemical industry. Now, after 25 years in the Healthcare Manufacturing Industry, James very passionately continues to drive highly successful, ongoing Operations Improvements as well as resolve New Product Development & Market issues Internationally. Over the years, James has also successfully shown 4 different international manufacturing facilities very specific, pinpointed steps to keep their facilities open when faced with near certain rationalisation and closure… These steps not only stopped massive negative economic ripples happening, they doubled, and tripled growth, causing new sites to be built from the positive actions. James is Co-Author of Design for Manufacturability and Bridge of Faith for Operations.James has also studied directly with Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher and holds certification to teach “Thinking Into Results” program internationally.

Filippo BottiFuerteventura. Half Italian, half Brazilian, and entirely energetic, Filippo loves to share his enthusiasm for Fuerteventura with all who visit the island. Raised in several parts of Spain, he has spent the majority of his time in Barcelona since 2005, with a long interlude living and sailing in the Balearic and the Canary Islands in the middle. Having earned degrees in Philology and Spanish Literature, and a Master in Management of Cultural Heritage, Filippo has wide international professional experience. For the past five years he has been guiding tours all over Catalonia and Canary Islands. In love with the sea, the forests, the mountains, he also has a passion for history and… people! Filippo loves to learn more about the world by exchanging information, experiences and outlooks with others. He splits his time between being “in action” with travelers and working behind the scenes helping with the coordination of this project.